1.1. Technical Report - GEO_AUTh
DUE DATE: 30/06/2012
Assessment of the capabilities of the Regional Climate Models for the simulation of the general atmospheric circulation, as well as the simulation of local meteorological parameters. (WT 1.1)
1.2. New data archive - GEO_AUTh
DUE DATE: 30/06/2013
Several meteorological parameters (precipitation, temperature, wind) and atmospheric circulation parameters (sea level pressure) from the three models, at a spatial scale of 25x25km for the eastern Mediterranean region covering the time period from 1961 until 2100. (WTs 1.2 and 1.3).
1.3. New data archive - GEO_AUTh
DUE DATE: 30/06/2013
Wind (speed and direction) with a spatial analysis of 10x10km for the Aegean Sea (1961-2100) based on the downscaling of the original model RegCM. (WT 1.4).
1.4. Technical Report. - GEO_AUTh
DUE DATE: 30/09/2013
Estimations of the future changes of the mean and extreme values of the selected meteorological parameters until the end of the 21st century.(WT 1.5)
1.5. Technical Report - MARINE_AEGEAN
DUE DATE: 30/06/2013
Model estimates of mean sea level for the period 1961-2100 and comparison with satellite altimetry data. (WT 1.6).


2.1. Database- HYDRO_AUTh, NAVAL_NTUA
DUE DATE: 31/12/2013
Database of wave heights mean wave periods, mean wave directions, storm surges and sea levels for the time period 1961 - 2100. (WTs 2.1 and 2.2)
2.2. Technical Report- HYDRO_AUTh
DUE DATE: 30/06/2014
Estimation of the correlation of the studied meteorological parameters with waves, storm surges and sea level. (WT 2.3)
2.3. Technical Report- GEO_AUTh.
DUE DATE: 30/06/2014
Analysis of the relationships and links between the atmospheric circulation and the storm surges under the future climate conditions, due to the enhanced greenhouse effect. (WT 2.4)


3.1. Technical Report- GEO_AUTh.
DUE DATE: 31/12/2013
Estimation and analysis of the extreme winds, temperature and deep cyclonic conditions (deep depressions) for present and future time periods. (WT 3.1)
3.2. Technical Report-HYDRO_AUTh.
DUE DATE: 30/06/2014
 Estimation of extreme wave height and storm surge events, considering the effects of climate change. (WT 3.2)
3.3. Technical Report-HYDRO_AUTh.
DUE DATE: 30/06/2015
Joint probability analysis of extreme storm surges and their atmospheric initiating mechanisms. (WT 3.3)


4.1. Technical Report-HYDRO_AUTh, MARINE_AEGEAN.
DUE DATE: 31/12/2014
Storm classification and estimation of FVIs in the study sites. (WTs 4.1 and 4.2)
4.2. Technical Report, HYDRO_AUTh, MARINE_AEGEAN -.
DUE DATE: 30/09/2015
Estimation of erosion potential and EVIs in the study sites. (WT 4.3)


5.1. Technical Report-HYDRO_AUTh.
DUE DATE: 31/12/2014
Assessment of climate change effects on functionality and stability of coastal structures. (WT 5.1)
5.2. Technical Report-HYDRO_AUTh, MARINE_AEGEAN.
DUE DATE: 30/09/2015
Performance and upgrading of coastal structures against flooding, accounting for climate change.  (WT 5.2)
5.3. Technical Report- HYDRO_AUTh, MARINE_AEGEAN.
DUE DATE: 30/09/2015
Development of methodologies and “good practices” for the design and upgrading of coastal structures against erosion. Computational tools for the study of the coastal structures response to the forcing of the waves and the sea level rise. (WT 5.3)


6.1. A leaflet and a web-site (WT 6.1)-HYDRO_AUTH
DUE DATE: 30/06/2012
6.2. Minutes of the two meetings which will be organized(WT 6.2)
DUE DATE: 30/09/2015
6.3. Publications in journals and conferences (national and international)(WT 6.3)
DUE DATE: 30/09/2015


7.1. Technical Report
DUE DATE: 30/09/2015
Project Evaluation